a talking point

What is the purpose of a wine glass charm? It’s obvious isn’t it – it’s to┬ámake sure no one runs off with you drink! While this is clearly a very important job – what if we were to look at using wine charms differently? What if they themselves are the talking point, a way to tell a story – your story?

Imagine you are at a party, a wedding or a corporate event and every word on the charms in someway relates to the person, the couple or the product. The charms serve as a way to promote conversation and engage – to get people talking.

Funny connections and random words relating to the birthday boy/girl telling the story of their life so far – encouraging people to talk, ask questions and have fun. Moments shared by the happy couple or their story so far – an ice breaker, a talking point and a wedding favour! Words relating to a product or service at corporate events – potential clients learn more, interact and engage – a promotional gift that is still a talking point after the event.


So this is his story….what’s yours?

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