the brand

I wanted to create a brand that is simple, stylish and fun with eco credentials.

As such all the little doris products are reusable, many are upcycled – old cutlery given a new lease of life. All the product and postal packaging is eco friendly and recyclable – the cotton bags are reusable.

I consistently and consciously consider the environment with every new product launched. Our plastic free eco crackers were launched in 2018 before the big corporates even thought about it – they are made from recycled card, the hats are compostable, they are tied with paper ribbon and the gift is a hand stamped metal wine charm – a gift that can be used year after year.

In April 2021 we will launch the little doris luxury eco candle – click here to learn more.

little doris is not yet perfect but that is definitely the goal.

Lizzie, founder little doris