it’s PIMMS o’clock drink and cocktail stirrer/spoon


Created especially for the love sparkle great british weather event.

When I think of summer, I think of a lovely cool refreshing jug of PIMM’S – and what better way to stir it, than with one of these.




This PIMM’S drinks stirrer is made from an old silver plated spoon – it is hammered flat and then hand stamped with the message ‘it’s PIMM’s o’clock’.

You can choose from two sizes – fruit spoon 5/6 inches or dessert/soup 7/8 inches.

The spoons will all be different patterns with different amounts of aging – no two will be alike but rest assured they will all reflect the little doris quality.

This PIMM’S spoon is also a very eco friendly gift – an upcycled spoon, packaged and sent in eco friendly materials.

Additional information

Spoon size

Fruit, dessert/soup


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